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Peter Davis Builders, Mercer Island–Business Process Analyst - March – July 2018   

Conducting business analysis to improve process flow regarding project resources and billing to manage accounts. 


Microsoft, Redmond– Program Manager, CSS Security Communications,  January – July 2016 

Creating and broadcasting time-sensitive internal reports on critical security vulnerabilities and software components coordinated with team players. Contributed to the launching of software update bulletins that includes up to 18 component fixes, thus specifically supporting users of Microsoft products worldwide to maintain optimum productivity through protection from critical threats from cyber-attacks.

·       Leveraging metrics from social media telemetry for evangelizing deliverables and evaluating trends

·       Data mining and analysis of quantitative data sets for conversion metrics from qualitative SQL queries

·       Solving complex problems with team of engineers and managers for TAMs and their clients  

·       Research and editorial assistant on three acclaimed highly-visible external security publications, enabling employees and their clients to keep abreast of current issues in cyber security 

TMC Youth Division, Boston –UX Strategist     January 2011- June 2013

The principal UX Strategist, content and interaction designer of a youth centered mobile app for a religious non-profit. The work fulfills the social goal of helping youth find hope through their interpersonal search for inspirational content relevant to their critical issues, with accolades from management and the user base. Engaged in cross-functional product development, prototyping UI designs, developing the content architecture informed by UX design principles, and collaborating with developers to produce a functioning app through 2.0.

·       Developed personas and ran interviews to validate the product idea and create product priorities  

·       Identified key words through qualitative and quantitative methods: surveys, google analytics, and control group interviews 

·       Created a functioning searchable key word database and implemented a crowd-sourcing system for continuous content  

·       Ran pre-release testing protocol for certification with Apple for the iOS release. Oversaw field trials, initiated a bug database, negotiated program fixes, performed regression testing on both Apple and Android  

Data Dimensions (formerly STLabs), Bellevue– Test Lead in SQA – September 1994- October 1998  

Successfully produced repeat clients through ensuring stable software products at this outsource testing company made up of SQA specialists and testing contractors. Mentored and supervised teams of testers. Helped clients mitigate risks by designing test cases and identifying serious bugs. Engaged in bug advocacy negotiations and for the user experience related to UI design and navigation. Flagged compatibility conflicts and security issues, and negotiated fixes with client’s development teams. Exceeded expectations as demonstrated in repeat business and the return of a high percentage of clients.

·       Involved in hiring and producing manuals for teaching testing methodology to new recruits

·       Guided teams running usability, black box, stress, automated and regression tests for digital products following an Agile model. Tested with cutting edge innovative solutions technology

·       Created a multi-media testing package derived from data gathered through testing metrics. As the multimedia specialist for entertainment and educational CD-ROMs, engaged with the majority of leading multimedia companies in improving their stability

Simple Measures, Seattle –Creative Consultant – 2007-2012

Creative consultant for the music director of this chamber music series. Helped to launch this venture and craft the vision using design thinking approach to innovative concert presentation, create a strong brand, shape concert themes, and establish the non-profit, which received the Mayor’s Office smART award in 2008. Collaborated on creative directions by creative titling, writing thematic essays for publication, participating in marketing campaigns, graphic and web design, and fundraising events. As a member of the advisory board, assisted in developing the strategic plan and created retreat agendas.

Fine Art and Design– Isobel Davis Art, 1990 - Present 

Ideation and creativity dynamically expressed in art and design projects. Areas of focus include:

·      Design: Ideation, branding, design for web and print, digital art, workshops in design thinking 

·      Fine art: Painting and installation, mixed media processesand public art with exhibits locally, and in NYC, L.A., among other cities

·      Public art: Elected to the Seattle Public Art Roster by the Office of Art and Culture. Current project in Seattle’s Rainier Beach

·      Consultancy: art workshop at a sustainability conference, and art museum, creative consultant with a chamber music non-profit