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Design ThinkingTuneUp

An art workshop, with discussion facilitated by a graphic recorder. 




The Design Thinking Art workshop:  experience the unpredictable and respond

An artist leads the participant through a luscious painting exercise where the properties of change, surprise, and chaos are experienced. Experience surprise followed by practice in responding with intentionality. Following that, those pages are layered with the opposite technique involving intentional experimentation and response, to finish out the works of art.

Refresh reframe retool your assumptions habits and paradigms. 

For anyone interested in finding adaptability, agility, and the flexibility

Through an abstract fun art class, experience dropping habits of control, responding to change, and sparking innovation. 

Reflect on the experience and imagine how it relates to your work and life guided by a graphic recorder. 

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1. Working with abstract art promotes a more optimistic mindset, to be more comfortable with transition and chaos.  
2. Helps to develop emotional and experiential intelligence by practicing in the non-verbal realm
3. Promotes equilibrium and flexibility, and the ability to embrace an Agile method of process and problem solving
4. The process is practice in disruptive innovation - Anticipating and responding to future needs
5. This project would embrace diversity as each participant would bring their unique ways of thinking and seeing to the project. 



The concept draws from a process I practice to foster creativity when making my own work, which is inspired by the ecotone in biology, the boundary zone where different biological environments intersect and explosive creativity happens. I have examined how our thought processes respond to unsolicited change and provoke responses that are invigorating. The response phase of the art making is inspired by the surrealist art game, entopic graphomania, as an example of intentional design that responds to the uncontrollable and chaotic. Where the gaps or perceived imperfections are, marks are made, and the artwork is developed from there using different kinds of lines to connect the marks and layering with collaged shapes and textures.  In doing this, we will be mirroring natures processes. In nature, the point of change can appear to be chaos, yet it is building something from the circumstances that occur. Similar to the zone where streams and oceans meet, where originality and creativity are constant, endemic species are born, and productivity is profound. This art class brings the participant through the process with some reflective discussion on what the experience was like. No prior art experience required. 

For a more detailed description contact Isobel Davis at isobel@isobeldav.is


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